Christmas gifts were given and thank you for your support!

Our projects were successfully completed and we could financially support those who most need it  – Children´s Home in Česká Kamenice, a harbourage in Bohnice, a company ForHelp and Armáda Spásy.

We couldn´t  do it all without you – THANK YOU! ❤

We wish you a Merry Christmas with a lot of love and happiness and a lot of health and satisfaction in a New Year 2019.

We look forward to your visit in a new year.





Even this year we plan to help those who deserve our care.

We asked Children‘s Home in Česká Kamenice to draw and paint pictures for us as a part of our project.

These 30 beautiful pictures we offer for a price of 300 CZK for one picture.


The entire amount will be paid to the Childrens Home before Christmas 21.12.

Thank you will be not only pleasant and helpful feeling, but also a gift from us – a voucher for 150 CZK for our services and 20% discount voucher from our partner for nail services.


Here is more information about a Childrens Home:


How can you help:


Christmas vouchers can be ordered now via email/message.


Our second project is a donation of 10% from every your visit in this month until the Christmas time to a harbourage in Bohnice, more information here:

We look forward to your beautiful cooperation.

We look forward to your visit.




We are looking forward to your visit in our new studio in Prague 7.

We will gradually inform you about the news in around us. 🙂 

We have recently enriched our offer of massages and at the same time looking to our new colleague with a great heart and desire to work with people instead of our Maruška, who moved from Prague.

If you are from Prague, flexible, self-employed, we are looking for you for these massages:

Relaxing and regenerative massage

Massage with herbs and fruit purses

Cupping massage

Anti-cellulite massage + ozone wrap

Alternatively, other types of regenerative massage.  

If you are interested, please contact us at


We look forward to you!




Last month we are here for you in Prague 8

Now we are looking for new room for you, so in the summer we will make our holidays and we will prepare a space for you to feel comfortable again.

We wish you a beautiful summer, a lot of beautiful experiences and we will look forward to your visit.






Even this year we prepared Christmas vouchers for you. Choose from our services and we will be happy to prepare a right voucher according to your wishes. You will be happy with this gift.

Vánoční poukaz 1 Vánoční poukaz 2 Vánoční poukaz 3


We wish you a beautiful advent time.





Our news:  Cupping massage

A cupping method comes from ancient China and it has been practised for thousands of years for the treatment of disease and pain. Previously cups were used from bamboo or from animal horns, now they are made from glas, silicon or rubber.


How does a cupping method work?

Each cup is heated with a flame. The cup is then quickly applied to the skin. This creates a vacuum. The suction anchors the cup to the body and the area of skin covered is drawn up a few millimetres into the cup. We can left the cups on the back around the spine for about 15 minutes whilst the area is treated and the energy is moved or we can move them and do feet, hands or lower abdomen massage.

They might be bruises on the body which are caused by oxygenation and blood flow. However, bruises quickly disappear.

Cupping massage helps to eliminate back pain and stiff muscles. It is also excellent in detoxifying and also used in removing cellulite, it can also help with respiratory problems. It is a form of acupuncture that focuses on the movement of blood, energy and body fluids (lymph).

We look forward to your visit.




We appreciate you

Yes, we appreciate you and we wish for your body and soul quality care which you need.

We think of us as well. We know that our service, care and energy are unique and therefore we would like to afford you more time. Our short 30 min, 45 min and 50 min massages are now replaced in 60 MIN massages.


Give yourself 1h of any care you deserve.

Hands Holding Heart


We look forward to your visit.





We change the preferred contact

Most of time you don´t reach us on the phone because we are simply busy at the moment so we would kindly ask you to contact us primarily via email or message.


Phone: +420 735 891 072, + 420 602 134 805

(If we don´t respond your email or message within 24h, we didn´t receive it. It happens sometimes, too.)

If you wish to book for a massage or therapy, send us please date (or dates), time, type of massage, how long massage and if you prefer therapist or other questions.

We will be able to respond you much more comfortable as soon as we are available at least within 24 hours.


We look forward to see you.





We wish that you are in new year 2017 healthy, happy and full of love.

Happy New Year 2017 with fireworks background

Happy NEW YEAR 2017.




We wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you that you are part of us and thanks to you we could help in the project “Tety v akci”.


With love




❤ December in sign 10%  ❤

This year also as the last one we can´t forget those who need our help.

We regularly supported foundation “For Help” (helping children with autism)  during the whole year and that´s all thank to you!

We also decided  support project “Tety v akci” which helps abandoned cats and dogs. We are big fans of bighearted people so we give 10% of each massage to this organisation all December. Payment will be used for veterinary supplies they need the most.


We wish you beautiful advent time.

We look forward to your visit.






1f514or1f514One month till Magic Christmas time!1f514or1f514

Give generous present with love and make yourself and others happy.

We made a beautiful Christmas gift vouchers for you with all our love. We hope they bring you and your loved ones joy and pleasure.


vanocni-poukaz-1 vanocni-poukaz-2 vanocni-poukaz-3

Choose the right gift for you!1f48c

We look forward to your visit!




October/November news

Thanks to you we are well motivated to be better and provide the best service.

Our team is now wider of two new coleagues – Blanka and Michal.

Blanka is well experienced therapist focused on women´s care, massages and therapies. She prefers individual approach to each client.

Michal´s passion is chinese and ayurvedic medicine, he studied this for long time and is requisite by clients for his knowledge. He also practise Thai massage and antistress types of massage.

All descriptions of offered massages you can find on our website.

Our studio offers also mobile massages which become more and more popular. If you would like to enjoy comfort of massage in your hotel room or home it would be pleasure for us to visit you anywehere in Prague.

You are regularly informed about our news also on our Facebook funpage Masáže Element and Element Yoga.


We hope you will be satisfied with our services.







Spring is already here and we know that there is a need constant care of yourself and your body to be satisfied and happy. We present to you our spring detoxification procedure – mud wrap.

Beautiful Woman Receiving A Mud Therapy

Dead Sea mud contains minerals and salts which have beneficial effect on skin. It is excellent for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, acne, purifies the skin and has a positive effect on cellulite.It is applied to the body warm.

Mud pack is applied gradually to the front and back of the body (as you wish). It is applied for about 10 minutes (until it dries) and then washed with warm towels. For a perfect result it is finally applied organic coconut oil, which nourishes the body and also has beautiful fragnant.


We look forward to your visit.






We think about you and your health!
Our masseuse Zdenka is practicing yoga actively and she organizes for you Ashtanga yoga lessons for beginners 2-3 times a week in Prague.

Yoga and meditation. Silhouette of man in moontains.

First lesson starts from 6th April 2016 at 4:30 pm on the address: Vítkova 227/23, Prague 8.

If you would like to visit our lesson, please book your place on the number: + 420 735 891 072 (or send message)

If you are interested, simply follow our Facebook – Element yoga or contact us directly on email or phone.

We look forward to see you.




The temperature outside dropped nicely and we think of your relaxation!
If you say when ordering the password “perfect relaxation”, you will have a hot stone massage for “frozen” price of 500 CZK

Hot stone massage is a luxurious relaxation, make sure yourself.


nový obrázek

Relax your body and mind with hot stones! Putting hot stones to parts of body together with hot oil massage using two bigger stones in the hands. This type of massage is very harmonizing for your body and mind.

The price is for 1 hour and valid until end of February 2016.

We look forward to your visit.





We inform you with pleasure that we completed our Christmas event and we took all the gifts for 25 children in the children´s Home Charlotte Masaryk. We are very happy and a huge gratitude belongs to YOU, our customers!

Special thanks to the company 365 toys, which showed his big heart and helped us with realization.

We would like to thank you for your favour throughout the year, we appreciate it very much, and we will be here for You in the new year.

dárečky pro děti




Christmas voucher  There’s still time! 🙂

You are ordering gift vouchers and we are very happy. Of course, with every order we receive your pernament responsibility for the quality of services. Thank you!

Gift vouchers from us can be ordered by e-mail or telephone until 23.12.

At the moment we will sent vouchers by email only, or they can be arranged to pick up personally in our studio because we can not guarantee delivery by post before Christmas time. Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to you!




We have a new member!

Yes, we are honored to welcome our new team masseuse Maruska, dedicated to beauty and kinesiotaping. Maruska is very careful and deals massage with love, she is the right member of our team and we believe that you will be satisfied.




We have a gift for you right now!

Relaxed couple having a back massage

Come to us to relax and take with your spouse / partner / friend / girlfriend or mum! Until 12.12.2015 you can order a voucher for a couple’s massage for a good price.

You can choose from these massages:

Special tantric ritual 1h: 1.800 CZK

Regenerative couple massage 1h: 800 CZK

Hot stones couple massage 1h: 800 CZK

Balinese couple massage 1h: 800 CZK

You have no one to take with or you would like to relax yourself? We want to afford you a great relaxation, too. Choose one of the relaxing massages for a great price of CZK 500 or special tantric ritual for CZK 1.000! Massage lasts 1h.


We look forward to your visit in the studio ELEMENT!element logo





As we work not only with hands but with our heart, it will be all autumn until Christmas time a sign in helping children. Therefore, from 1. October to 21.December we will devote 10 % the price of each massage to buy gifts for children of Charlotta Masarykova´s foster home. As a thank you for visiting our studio and with this also as a contribution to the children’s home, you will get a coupon for a discount 10% on your next massage.

We look forward to your visit in the studio ELEMENT!

mimi pro web1