Massages for women

Sport, regenerative and relaxing massages

Regenerative massage – Has beneficial effect for harmony of health, psychic and beauty. Soft touches are frequently used in this type of massage which are pleasant (massage of stressed parts of body on request) . Painful touch is not used. This is kind of swedish classic massage. 

Recommended time of massage: 60 min – 120 min


Indian anti-stress head massage and face massage – Highly relaxing massage, anti-stress effects, focus to muscles of neck and shoulders massage as well.

Recommended time of massage: 60 min

Peeling oil massage – Using peeling oil is detoxicating and refreshing circulation in skin. Oil massage is a final procedur to afford smoothing and care of your skin. You can choose the right peeling for your body before the massage.

Recommended time of massage: 60 min 


Hot stones massage – Relax your body and mind with hot stones! Putting hot stones to parts of body together with hot oil massage using two bigger stones in the hands. This type of massage is very harmonizing for your body and mind.

Recommended time of massage: 60 min


Hawaiian massage LOMI-LOMI – This method is typical for minimalizing stress and tiredness (physical and also psychical). Stimulating lymphatic system, removing energy blockages. Using all kind of touches, especially with forearm.

Recommended time of massage: 60 min


Breuss massage – It is a fine technique that releases the muscles around the spine and thereby regenerates the intervertebral discs. This massage is not only a mechanical process of balancing the spine, but also an effective source of energy and a source for the elimination of psychic stress.

Recommended time of massage: 60 min



Energetic, tantric massages and therapy


Ayurvedic massage – Is a real pearl among massages. This full body massage includes a gentle massage of the back, buttocks, legs, arms, chest and face. It is very relaxing and energizing procedure at the same time that harmonizes together body,mind and spirit. After the massage is a short relaxation.

Recommended time of massage: 90 min – 120 min


Tao massage – This whole body massage is high harmonizing with using soft touches and special touches for refreshing energetic body points. During the massage are created by your own energy pleassure feelings and vitality.

Recommended time of massage: 90 min


Tantra massageThis holistic whole body massage is a combination of classic massage with tantric techniques. Every person and the body is worshiped with welcome ritual in the beginning of the massage. Massage awakens gradually the senses and during the massage we work with the breath, sound, movement to awaken the energy in the body of receiving person. Massage may cause removing blocks in the body (shame, stress, self-deprecation, accepting the body). Intimate massage smoothly follows the massage, it may not be included massage. Each massage is unique at the time and it works with physical body and with psychological personality as well. Before each massage it is essential to discuss some information about the massage and choose an individual approach.

Recommended time of massage: 60 min – first visit, recommended 90 min – 180 min

Cashmere tantra massage - Based on Shivaistic concept. This massage will release your body from the beginning of the
massage in the form of stretching exercises based on yoga postures. The body of the receiving person will be underlay 
with pillow to release the body. They are 3 basic positions: the body is on the side, the body is on the belly and on the back
with crossed legs around the giving person. Cashmere massage is including intimate parts massage. During the massage
will be deep massage of hips, loins and buttocks.

Recommended time of massage: 90 min - 120 min